Three Roses Meaning: The Complex Understanding of the Flower

If you are wondering about three roses meaning, then you should find out the colors first. Yes, the color of roses can create different effects and different meanings.

So, in the event that you get three roses, check the colors first so you don’t get the meaning wrong.

3 Red Roses Meaning

3 Red Roses Meaning


We may have been familiar with the red roses. Red roses mean passion and love, obviously. But then again, the shades will also deliver different meanings.

Deep red, for instance, means the readiness for a more serious commitment. It also symbolizes a deeper and better bond. The lighter roses mean desire and passion.

3 Pink Roses Meaning

If red means passion and love, then pink actually share an almost similar message.

3 Pink Roses meaning

It can be love too, but it is more about admiration and gratitude. You can send pink roses to teachers, siblings, and friends. Pink also represents elegance and femininity. That’s why they are great for baby girl showers, proms, and engagement parties.

However, just like the red roses and their shades, the different pinkish shades will deliver different meanings too. Whereas hot pink is about appreciation and recognition, light pink is about gratitude, joy, and also grace.

3 White Roses Meaning

White rose is about grace and purity. That’s why they are perfect for weddings, symbolizing eternal loyalty and love.

White can also refer to clear and pure paths and fresh beginnings. White roses can also mean humility or sympathy.

3 White Roses Meaning

3 Yellow Roses Meaning

Yellow roses exude happiness and warmth. The sunny and bright color will cheer up the mood of whoever receives it.

This is known as the friendship flower, thanks to all the joy they deliver. When you give a yellow rose, it indirectly conveys a meaning that the person (receiving the rose) makes you happy.

3 Yellow Roses Meaning

Three Dozen Roses Meaning

Regardless of the colors, the number of roses can also deliver different meanings. A single rose is basically love at first sight, while a dozen roses (12 roses) is stating your commitment and asking the person (receiving the roses) to be yours.

What about 36 roses (three dozen roses)? It’s about reminding that person (mostly your partner or spouse) of all the beautiful and romantic moments you two have had together.

What about red three roses meaning? Or white three roses? No matter what their color is, they have the same meaning. Here’s the general breakdown:

  • 1 (or a single) rose means head over heels or (love) at first sight
  • 2 roses are for deep and sweet love
  • 3 roses are “I love you”
  • 5 roses are given to people whom you consider special
  • 10 roses mean ‘I think you are perfect’
  • 13 roses mean secret admirer or eternal friendship
  • 14 roses mean ‘I’m proud of you’
  • 15 roses are for saying you’re sorry and you want forgiveness
  • 16 roses simply say ‘Bon Voyage’


As you can see, different roses can convey different meanings, but regardless of the colors, the numbers of roses are basically similar. Whether you are giving 3 red roses or 3 white roses or 3 yellow roses, they all say “I love you”.

So, now that you already know the facts, you won’t have to be perplexed anymore about the three roses meaning.