Dozen Roses Meaning To Know More

Roses have been such a significant flower used to signify and symbolize meanings of many cultures for centuries. Roses come in different colors which resulted in different meanings to understand. Each rose has significant meanings to unveil different layers of symbolism and message.

Roses can be used to express so many emotions and feelings from joy to sadness.

Dozen Roses Meaning


The specific number of roses may also signify certain meanings. For example, dozen roses meaning signify fondness and admiration. If you are going to let someone you like know your feelings, gifting them with a bouquet of a dozen of roses is such a smart idea.

Dozen roses meanings

There are so many different colors of roses that symbolize different meanings. Aside from the color, the number of roses and the type of combination may also symbolize certain meanings.

From one to dozen roses, the meanings can be different, allowing you to be more specific with your message.

Different amounts of dozen roses may also symbolize different expressions. Hence, craft your own roses to deliver the most accurate representation of your feelings.

Dozen white roses meaning

Dozen white roses meaning

White roses carry the meaning of purity, innocence, and peace. However, they are also often referred to as bridal roses because they are often used for wedding ceremonies. White roses also symbolize young love, eternal loyalty, a new beginning, and everlasting love.

There are a dozen meanings of white roses but those are the most common symbolism to use. For certain occasions, white roses can also signify a farewell. You can also sue white roses to honor a loved one’s or friends. A bouquet of dozen white roses meaning “I am thinking of you”.

Dozen red roses meaning

Dozen Roses MeaningRed roses have been used to signify love and passion for generations.

However, red roses also come in different shades which resulted in different symbolism as well. Red roses can be used to simply say ‘I love you’. However, you can also go further for more significant meanings.

For example, deep red roses mean a strong bond and readiness for commitment. Gifting red roses for particular occasions may also dignify certain meanings.

For example, a bouquet of dozen red roses meaning in a wedding symbolize true respect and appreciation. Among so many symbolism of red roses, they have one universal, lasting meaning; love.

3 Dozen Roses Meaning

As mentioned earlier that different amounts of roses can represent significant meanings. For example, 3 dozen roses meaning ‘I love you’. This is a pretty simple symbolism of a bouquet of roses in 3 dozen amounts.

3 Dozen Roses MeaningIt is a great way to convey a bold and direct message without any hidden meanings that can cause misunderstanding.

Hence, giving this amount of roses to your significant other during Valentine’s or anniversary will be meaningful for you both to thrive in the relationship.

2 dozen roses meaning

Meanwhile, 2 dozen roses meaning signify deeper affection and love. Gifting a bouquet of 2 dozen roses, especially the red one can signify an expression of “I am deeply in love with you”. This kind of bouquet is a perfect gift for wedding anniversaries. You may also add another color of roses into the bouquet if you wish to deliver a significant message to the recipient. You may consider adding ivory roses which signify romantic intentions, complimenting the white and red roses.

Its classic beauty and intoxicating fragrance make roses a great symbolism to send a heartfelt message.

Rose in general signifies affections. However, different layers of colors result in different symbolism. Roses can be a great gift for special someone, friends, or family members. With the great combination, you can also make your message more comprehensive and significant.