Lotus Flowers Meaning: Its Hidden Meaning through Symbols

When you see Lotus flowers, do you know about Lotus flower’s meanings? They are beautiful and gorgeous, for sure, but they are often referred to as the flower of spirituality.

The flowers are believed to have spiritual meaning, which makes them popular as symbols. When you choose a Lotus tattoo, for instance, it must have conveyed a special meaning. So, let’s dig further into its real meaning.

Lotus Flowers

About Lotus Flowers

They are beautiful and naturally gorgeous. The Lotus flower is often used as a spiritual symbol (or religious symbol) for different religions, like Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

It’s often associated with tranquility, inner strength, and purity. And because of its association with different religions, the flower is often referred to as a sacred plant.

Lotus Flowers

The religious symbol actually dated back to Ancient Egypt. The flower would emerge from water (following the sun’s movement) before closing back and then returning to the water again, and the process would be repeated from day today. Because of that movement, the flower was connected to Ra, the Sun God.

People during Ancient Egypt time believed that Lotuses represent power, strength, rebirth, and creation. Historical reference also showed that Lotuses were valued during Ancient Greece’s time, where it would symbolize purity, modesty, and innocence.

In Hinduism, the Lotuses could be traced back to 1400 BC where Hindu gods were depicted standing on or holding the Lotuses. In Buddhism, the Buddha is depicted as sitting on the flower.

Spiritual Meaning of a Lotus Flower

Spiritual Meaning of a Lotus Flower

Lotus grows from muddy water. The roots would anchor within the mud, but the flower is able to rise about the murky environment. Because of this condition, there are many Lotus flowers meanings with symbols and stuff.

In terms of spiritual enlightenment, Lotus is about being able to reach wisdom and spiritual enlightenment despite the muddy environment (including the chaotic situation and toxic surroundings). It also symbolizes detachment because the flower is able to detach itself from the filthy environment and murky water.

It’s about focusing on yourself and how you only need to deal with important things that matter to you only, such as positive relationships, wisdom, and love.

Pink Lotus Flowers MeaningsPink Lotus Flowers Meaning

Flower Pink Lotus is considered sacred in Buddhism.

It symbolizes both the enlightenment path and Buddha himself. A budding (pink) Lotus which starts to open represents an individual and its awareness that just starts to expand.

In the meantime, a completely open flower would symbolizes Nirvana or enlightenment attainment.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

When you have a Lotus flower tattoo, there are actually many symbols to represent.

It can symbolize a new beginning, a new chapter of someone’s life. It can also mean a spiritual awakening, where the person has reached a new understanding. The tattoo can also mean discipline or virtue.

In some cases, the tattoo can also mean estranged love, and the person who decides to have one has the flower as a personal reminder.

It reminds them of their past mistake and not to do them anymore. So, as there are many Lotus flowers meanings, it depends on you how to use the flower for your symbol (and your representation).