Significant 6 Roses Meaning To Find Out

There are many factors that signify the meaning of the flower. Also, there are countless numbers of flowers around the world full of beautiful colors and features.

Rose is one of the most classic flowers that have been used since ancient age to signify certain meaning and symbolism.

Roses are often related to romance but there are so many different variations of roses. And the meaning is not always tied to the color or type of roses but also to the number. For example, 6 roses meaning signifies ‘ I want to be yours’. Giving six roses is suitable for those who are just getting into a relationship and want to take it to the next level.

6 Roses Meaning

Roses meaning based on colors

The color of the flower often signifies a certain meaning. Understanding the flower of language allows you to know what flower to pick for giving it to others for a certain occasion. Ad for the rose, there are many different colors signifying different meanings and symbolism.

And here are six roses meaning based on their colors:

Red roses

Red roses are the most familiar roses of all colors.

Red roses have been used for ages to signify romance and symbolize love. The meaning of the red rose is love and passion.

6 Red roses meanings

However, there are also wider varieties of red colors which signify different meanings. For example, the deep red rose is often signified to mean that you are ready for commitment. The deeper shade of red rose also symbolizes a deeper bond of relationship. Meanwhile, the lighter red roses signify desire and passion. And for 6 red roses meaning, it often signifies an expression of readiness to further relationship.

Pink roses

Pink roses signify admiration and gratitude.

They are a perfect gift you can give to the person you admire and respect like siblings, friends, or teachers.

They can also symbolize elegance and femininity. Pink roses are often used for engagement ceremonies, proms, or baby showers where the baby girl is known to be expected. Another variation is hot pink roses which symbolize recognition and appreciation. Meanwhile, lighter pink roses signify joy and grace. And 6 pink roses meaning symbolize the beginning steps of a path.

6 pink roses meaning

White roses

White roses signify grace and purity. This is also likely the reason why white roses are often used for wedding ceremonies.

White roses also symbolize eternal loyalty and young love. Aside from romantic symbolism, white roses are also used to represent new beginnings or clear paths. And 6 white rose meaning can also symbolize a new beginning of a relationship, usually a romantic one.

6 white rose meaning

Other rose colors with significant meanings

Aside from red, pink, and white. Roses have also other color variations such as yellow, peach, lavender, green, and blue roses. Yellow roses known as friendship flowers often referred to warmth and happiness.

Peach roses symbolize gratitude or sincere feelings.

Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight.

Green roses often represent fertility, opulence, and harmony.

Blue roses signify mystery, illusion, and lust.

Roses meaning based on a combination

Another way to signify the meaning of rose is by its combination. For example, a combination of light pink and white roses signifies purity, joy, and happiness.

Combining red and yellow roses signify deep passion and bright sun. There are many combinations of roses you can use to make a bouquet full of significant meanings. As for a bouquet of mixed roses, it is a great gift to signify a new beginning or new path to take.

With a better understanding of flower language, you can express something implicitly in a more elegant way. And roses come in different colors that signify a variety of meanings and symbolism you can use.