Purple Rose Meaning from Various Point of Views

When you are asked to mention a flower with the red color of its petals, most of us will think about a rose flower. Yes, a rose is a flower that has a strong impression with its red colors.

However, the rose is not only red. You also can find the purple rose.

This article will help you to learn more about its meaning. If red rose means love, what about the Purple Roses meaning? Let’s find out more about it.

Purple Rose Meaning

Purple Rose Symbolism

The purple color in the purple rose symbolizes many things. However, the most popular symbol that many people know is peace, honor, harmony, royalty, spiritual awareness, and respect. Therefore, this flower has been used on many occasions where people want to create those messages.

On the other hand, purple can also symbolize a balanced beauty. As you might already know, the purple color came from the combination between red and blue in a balanced proportion.

Purple Rose Symbolism

Therefore, you also can find this symbol in the purple rose. Experts advise the garden owner to use this symbol and apply it to their garden. So, by planting a purple rose, you also can create a peaceful atmosphere in your garden.

What we explained before was the symbol of purple in the purple rose. How about the purple rose’s significance itself? This is where it is getting interesting. Purple rose or lavender rose has a strong relationship with love and relationship meaning like pink roses. Thus, this flower is considered the sign of love at first sight and even enchantment when you try to attract others.

Therefore, it is also a good thing to use a purple rose as a flower to express your romantic feelings. Try to tell your intention and how you are feeling to someone that you like.

purple rose's significance

The purple rose will emphasize that situation. Who knows, maybe you could create one of the most romantic moments in your life?

Moreover, purple is also the color of royalty. It has been used since ages ago. Therefore, we also can say that the purple rose is also a sign of majestic feeling, elegance, and magnificence. So, this flower can represent many great things.

Purple Rose Spiritual Meaning 

The purple rose symbolizes the sixth and seventh chakra.

Both of them have the purple-type color, where the sixth chakra is indigo and the seventh chakra is violet. Therefore, from a spiritual perspective, we can relate the purple rose meaning with those two chakras functions.

The sixth chakra represents the third eye or intuition. While the seventh chakra represents your super-conscious.

In conclusion, the purple rose has two spiritual meanings, which are intuition and expanded awareness. It is a good representation of growth, where you try to build your mental strength. This flower also can give you a boost on your way to focus or concentrate on something that you want to do. In short, you can use it to send a message about having a better life and an improved self.

Dark Purple Rose Meaning

Dark Purple Rose MeaningAnother interesting thing about the Purple Roses meaning is it has different meanings based on the color intensity. So, the lighter purple and the darker purple rose to have a different meaning. Here, we are going to see what kind of meaning we can find in the dark purple rose.

In general, the rose flower represents attraction and fascination. However, when it comes to dark purple rose meaning, it is more than just that. It shows a deeper and more intimate relationship. Or, in the simplest words, it is eternal love. When you use this dark purple rose as the way to express your love, it is like you are saying that you will love that person forever.

Moreover, the dark purple also gives the majesty and luxury vibe. Therefore, in the past, this kind of rose was used as a gift for a king, queen, and royal family. You can still use it today if you want to give a gift for a very special moment or occasion.

Light Purple Rose Meaning

Light Purple Rose MeaningHow about the meaning of the light purple rose? The light purple rose or lavender rose is well-known as the flower that represents the earlier stage of a love relationship. Many people relate it with love at first sight. It is pure and delicate, which resembles the true and instinctive love that you feel when you see your loved one.

We can say that the light purple rose is also a good way to say you are attracted to someone without even telling that person by word. This flower creates a mystical vibe like green roses meaning. So, your love is still in this stage, abstract, a pure interest also can be said you have been enchanted by that person.

As you can see, this rare type of rose flower has various meanings.

Mostly, it is related to relationships and love life. The others are about how you improve your life. In short, it gives you a boost that can make your life better and happier.

Many people use this flower for a happy occasion. And, to emphasize its meaning, they combine it with other types of rose. The most popular combination is the purple and white roses.

Purple and White Roses Meaning

You can find purple and white roses combinations at many wedding parties or ceremonies.

That is related to purple and white roses. Purple represents love and affection. As we mentioned earlier, it also can show love at first sight and even deeper love that lasts forever.


On the other hand, white roses mean purity. So, if we combine both flowers, we can get pure love that lasts forever. That is the goal of every marriage.


Purple roses are not only one of the rarest rose types. This flower also has a deeper meaning that can help you to see the world and your life differently. Who knows, you might have a better life after reading this article and understanding the meaning of this flower? At least, now you know what Purple Roses meaning is.